Durex Social Media Ecommerce Insights Report China

In a country where Facebook and Twitter are censored, how did a condom brand spark a nationwide discussion on sex and sex related products? Understanding Chinese culture, the current state of sex education and the burning curiosity that exists in every red blooded human may have been the sparks that lit Durex’s social assets on fire.

In this insight report, we’ll delve into Durex’s marketing obstacles in government censorship, distribution, and the heavy cost of traditional advertising and show you the key digital, social and ecommerce strategies used to overcome and succeed online in China.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to leverage trending topics to introduce products and conversations to a mass Chinese audience online.
  • How to circumvent the high cost of advertising by building an always-on digital, social media ecosystem.
  • How to both educate and entertain audiences to create a groundswell of buzz.
  • How to partner with KOLs to create new content, and be interactive ambassadors for your brand.
  • How to leverage holidays and special events in China to achieve massive awareness when consumers are most likely to purchase.
  • How to work with different platforms to create synergies allowing access to new groups of people online.
  • How to build an ecommerce presence that significantly reduces the barrier to purchase.
  • How to have fun with consumers and cater to the Chinese “me” generation.

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