KFC: Social Media and WeChat, Mobile Insights

Faced with fierce local and international competition in the Chinese fast-food market, KFC has gained advantage with an engaging and refreshing social campaign. Understand how KFC was able to successfully engage China’s notoriously fickle youth with a digital strategy focused on staying relevant.

In this insight report we reveal how KFC leveraged trending topics and opinion leaders to captivate youth consumers. You will also learn how KFC enhanced engagement and loyalty with a mobile platform that captures the increasing on-the-go reality of fast-food in China.


KFC works with celebrities popular on social media to boost campaign awareness.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to leverage trending topics to introduce products and conversations to a younger Chinese demographic online.
  • How to successfully engage Chinese and Western festive events in the context of digital.
  • How to engage local internet culture and language to create brand relevance with a younger demographic.
  • How to fully maximize return on KOL investment through strategic implementation and seeding of content.
  • How to create familiarity with product offers through connection to trending popular culture.
  • How to create a mobile ecosystem that enhances customer experience and achieves higher levels of brand loyalty.
  • How to digitally address emerging needs of China’s mobile urbanites.

Download the report:

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