Starbucks Tmall Ecommerce Insights

Starbucks has worked consistently to become China’s to-go cafe brand.  Now, as consumers are becoming increasingly digital, the challenge was to extend the coffee brand to engage this new reality.  While not selling coffee on e-commerce platform Tmall,  Starbucks successfully created a ‘fourth space’ for local coffee fans –  where they could enjoy, share, and participate in a new expression of the brand.

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In this digital report we identify and analyse how Starbucks created their first e-commerce presence globally in partnership with Tmall.  In addition to converting brand loyalists to their Tmall store, Starbucks also created a digital ecosystem that allowed coffee lovers to strengthen their connection to the brand, and share their passion with others.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to create a brand e-commerce presence in China
  • How to drive traffic from offline brand experience to online
  • How to successfully and consistently co-brand with a digital partner
  • How to extend a commodity-based brand into a digital and social experience
  • How to create a digital context to share brand experiences organically
  • How to structure Tmall to create a successful consumer loyalty system
  • How to leverage calendar holidays to create new consumer behaviours
  • How to present consistent brand experience across an offline-online digital ecosystem

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Nike Run Club Digital Ecosystem

Our new CSBR report focuses on how Nike used digital to powerfully engage local Chinese runners.

Noticing the increasing popularity of exercise amongst Chinese urban residents, Nike engaged local runners with a dedicated digital ecosystem. The platform helped to further build the nascent local running culture – providing tips, helping runners organize running clubs and creating special events to bring Chinese runners together.

Nike Running Club Report Synposis

Nike Successfully Engaged Chinese Running Culture

In this insight report we identify and analyze the strategic organization of the Nike Run Club digital platform in China, explaining why it successfully activated the interest of local runners. The campaign allowed Nike to communicate their long-standing association with running culture to their local Chinese target.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to structure digital engagement to amplify participation
  • How to use digital platforms to bring consumers together in real spaces
  • How to digitally introduce new product concept as part of a new consumer behavior
  • How to enable consumer participation and co-creation through social platforms
  • How to leverage emerging ‘city cultures’ to create a more intimate digital conversation with Chinese consumers beyond major cities
  • How to structure WeChat, Weibo and Mobile Apps to create a consistent ‘call to action’ for consumers in China
  • How to seed global content to fuel local behavior on digital platforms
  • How to leverage and build on cultural trends through digital activation

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