Airbnb: Digital Ecosystem Review

Since launching in 2008, Airbnb’s peer-to-peer travel marketplace has disrupted traditional hotel and lodging industries by offering affordable vacation-rentals that combine local experience with a community of like-minded hosts and travelers.


Airbnb partners with popular travel website Qyer

Already valued at over $20 billion, Airbnb has set its sights on China’s booming outbound tourism market, announcing their arrival with a strategic partnership with Alibaba-backed travel portal in May 2014.

Digital Highlights

Airbnb has developed a digital strategy that targets China’s emerging generation of independent travelers, who have evolved beyond group tours and seek authentic experiences through custom itineraries off the beaten track. The brand has configured their China digital ecosystem to attract aspirational travel consumers to register and make bookings through the official website and mobile app. Weibo is used to generate brand awareness through signature visual content while WeChat assists in educating consumers on service benefits inspires travel planning. Airbnb has recently launched official channels on Douban and Qyer to reach independent traveler communities and promote creation of influential word-of-mouth content across social media.

What You’ll Learn

The Airbnb Digital Report will show you how one of the world’s most disruptive travel platforms has leveraged inspirational travel content and diverse KOL influencers on social media to drive adoption among China outbound tourists.

  • Brand Website: We’ll show you how Airbnb has localized their China website to capitalize on mainland travel trends and educate a consumer base that is new to vacation-rentals.
  • Brand Mobile App: Learn how Airbnb has optimized platform functionality for a mobile app that provides turnkey booking management for travelers and hosts alike.
  • Weibo: We’ll explore how Airbnb combines high-quality content with well-designed engagements to acquire fans and increase bookings on the website.
  • WeChat: You’ll learn how Airbnb has launched dedicated WeChat minisites to educate China travelers and inspire travel planning.
  • Douban: We’ll take a look at how Airbnb is connecting with Douban’s community of independent travelers and digital content creators to boost grassroots adoption.
  • Qyer: You’ll be one of the first to learn how Airbnb partnered with one of China’s leading outbound travel portals to create real traveler stories, shareable trip plans, and expert guides for their service.
  • Online Video: We’ll show you where video fits in to Airbnb’s China digital strategy and how audiences are responding to their content.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: In addition to complete direct and retweet KOL lists, we’ll take an in-depth look at how Airbnb has recruited a diverse roster of lifestyle influencers to spread inspirational travel stories across social media.

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