Beats By Dre: Solo Selfie Campaign

Having almost single-handedly created the premium headphone market after its launch in 2008, Beats By Dre has used a savvy blend of celebrity and lifestyle branding to create one of the most coveted products among fashionable young consumers.


Beats By Dre partners with Meipai to create Vine-inspired short form mobile content

But the brand has had a challenging relationship with the China market, where counterfeit products have flooded retail and online channels at a fraction of genuine prices. Yet with Apple’s $3 billion acquisition of the high-end headphone brand in 2014, Beats is now positioned to gain market share on the mainland with enhanced retail and ecommerce infrastructure.

Campaign Highlights

Similar to recent initiatives from H&M and Michael Kors, Beats’ Solo Selfie campaign in China succeeds because of a seamless integration of global celebrities with local campaign ambassadors. By blending stars like Angelababy and JJ Lin with the Kardashians and Cesc Fabregas, Chinese consumers feel a connection with Beats’ brand lifestyle and are inspired to share their own Solo Selfies as part of a global movement. At the same time, Beats collaborated with a diverse roster of digital influencers to seed Solo Selfies among relevant audience groups, and partnered with leading short video app MeiPai to pioneer new brand interactions with consumers.

What You’ll Learn

The Beats Solo Selfie Campaign Report will explore how one of the world’s most aspirational electronics brands collaborates with major China celebrities to build awareness on social media and inspire user sharing on mobile platforms while driving conversion online and at retail.

  • Brand Website: We’ll show you how Beats customized their brand website and ecommerce channels to boost campaign engagement and boost fan participation.
  • Weibo: You’ll learn how Beats used Weibo as the campaign hub for content amplification and social sharing.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: This report includes a complete list of direct post and retweet KOLs used during the campaign including celebrities, influencers, and media partners.
  • Meipai: We’ll explore how Beats partnered with one of China’s most popular Vine-inspired short video apps to increase content creation and sharing.
  • Tmall: See how Beats used Tmall vouchers to boost campaign sharing participation and increase online purchase conversion.
  • O2O: Beats integrated Solo Selfie activities with retail partner Suning, driving traffic to offline stores through sales incentives.
  • Online Video: You’ll learn how Beats partnered with China’s first multi-channel network (MCN) to create viral content for iQiyi.
  • WeChat: We’ll show you how Beats leveraged their official WeChat service account to support campaign activities.
  • Campaign Timeline & Metrics: This report includes a complete campaign timeline covering teaser, launch and sustain phases as well as success metrics.

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