Beats By Dre: Straight Outta Campaign

Riding off the coattails of popular Hollywood movie “Straight Outta Compton”, Beats by Dr. Dre creates its “Straight Outta” Asia campaign to feature Asian A-list celebrities showing off their pride for where they came “straight outta.”


Beats By Dre works with China’s top digital influencers

Beats makes strategic use of celebrity ambassador KOLs, collecting video interviews as well as iconic images of them with their ‘Straight Outta’ logo. Beats disperses its campaign videos on popular video sites Tudou and LeTV as well as on its WeChat HTML5 multimedia page. The brand uses WeChat and Weibo platforms to lure users to its YOHOOD Straight Outta offline fashion event, creating hype with teaser posts and ticket giveaways.

What You’ll Learn

  • Weibo: We’ll show you how Beats uses A-list Asian and international celebrities to promote its campaign on Weibo. Find out how Beats makes strategic use of Weibo by having Asian super star Kris Wu post campaign material directly from his account.
  • WeChat:  Investigate how Beats uses WeChat to tease its users about its upcoming offline fashion event, YOHOOD Straight Outta. We’ll also show you how the brand uses the newest mobile technologies to broadcast its campaign material on its WeChat HTML5 multimedia page.
  • Video: Discover how Beats uses LeTV and Youku video platforms to broadcast its campaign videos to a wide spread audience. Find out how the brand uses both mainstream and alternative video platforms to amplify their messages.
  • Offline Events: Beats collaborated with urban-chic retailer YOHO to create the YOHOOD Straight Outta offline event. Investigate how Beats successfully uses its O2O strategy to lure users to the event and surprise them with guest celebrity appearances.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: Find out how Beats appeals to a wide range of users by using a variety of KOLs and celebrities including both artists and athletes.

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