BMW: Digital Ecosystem Review

BMW and its premium brand counterparts (Audi & Mercedes-Benz) have benefited from a China car boom that saw automobile sales triple during the five years ending 2013. But at the end of 2014, the landscape is in flux – with overall call sales throttled by car ownership regulations put in place to reduce traffic and pollution, and mass-market brands like Ford and Peugeot capturing market share during the economic slowdown.


BMW WeChat navigation bar provides access to important information

With brands like Land Rover and Infiniti crowding the premium segment, BMW will need to promote a unique brand experience while retaining existing owners through service and loyalty programs.

Digital Highlights

Like most car brands, BMW places an emphasis on customer data acquisition and driving potential consumers to regional dealerships for test drives through social channels and the brand website. As car sales growth shifts from first-tier and second-tier cities to less developed regions – BMW has initiated steps to develop their O2O strategies on platforms like WeChat sending traffic to brand experience events that educate consumers.

What You’ll Learn

The BMW Digital Report will analyze how BMW uses Weibo and WeChat to educate consumers on brand heritage and new models while driving followers to live events and dealerships to experience brand service and vehicles in person.

  • Brand Website: The brand website is BMW’s hub for in-depth vehicle information and serves as the gateway for customer service.
  • Weibo: Weibo is BMW’s primary social channel and is the lead platform for buzz generation for new model launches and campaigns promoting sponsorships and brand heritage.
  • WeChat: WeChat is used for social branding efforts but is also well-suited for driving traffic to offline events and dealerships.
  • Youku: BMW maintains a premium brand channel on China’s leading video platform, and we’ll show you how the brand uses video content to educate consumers and support campaigns.
  • Baidu: You’ll see the Baidu assets BMW has created to capture search traffic.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: We’ll show you how BMW blends car enthusiast KOLs with general interest aggregators to reach a wide audience.

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