Burberry: Digital Ecosystem Review

Burberry is consistently ranked among the most digitally savvy brands in China, and their investment is paying off as the mainland market is on pace to become the brand’s largest within the next five years.


Burberry was the first luxury brand of its tier to open a Tmall page

By educating consumers on their unique British heritage and iconic products, promoting collaborations with groundbreaking musical acts, and partnering with some of the biggest celebrities in the domestic market – Burberry has been able to remain exclusive while staying relevant to China’s increasingly sophisticated luxury consumers.

Digital Highlights

Burberry has placed a strategic emphasis on China digital and social media, going beyond simple content localization to unlock the potential of native platforms and craft holistic campaigns that resonate with Chinese consumers. Burberry’s digital innovation partnership with Tencent has lead to some of the most compelling brand interactions on WeChat including personalized content and live event integration. As one of the first luxury brands to open an official Tmall store, Burberry has redefined the role of Alibaba’s B2C juggernaut, while maintaining a brand ecommerce platform and opening digital retail flagships outfitted with full-length touchscreen displays and iPad-equipped online shopping assistants.

What You’ll Learn

The Burberry Digital Report reviews the brand’s entire digital and social ecosystem in China – how it drives ecommerce on its own brand platform and Tmall, its content strategy across Weibo, WeChat, Douban and Youku, as well as the key opinion leaders it partners with to amplify brand messages across China social media. The report is 48 pages long and covers the following:

  • Brand Website: We’ll show you how the Burberry brand website provides a portal for brand heritage, a real-time content hub for global fashion shows, and a comprehensive ecommerce platform.
  • Tmall: Burberry is the first major luxury brand to open a flagship store on Tmall. We’ll take a look at how they worked within Alibaba’s B2C marketplace to create a unique brand experience.
  • Weibo: Weibo is Burberry’s hub for brand storytelling, and you’ll learn how the brand has created a unique balance of global content and love relevancy to attract one of the highest quality audiences on China social media.
  • WeChat: Having formalized a digital innovation partnership with Tencent in early 2014, Burberry has set the gold standard for how luxury brands should position themselves on the platform. We’ll explore how they’ve mastered platform technologies to create meaningful 1-to-1 relationships with consumers.
  • Youku: We’ll take a look at how Burberry integrates video in their China digital ecosystem. The types of content they are featuring on their Youku brand channel, and the videos that are generating the most views.
  • Weishi: We’ll show you how Burberry is staking a claim on the booming short-video platform as one of the first luxury brands to leverage China’s answer to Vine.
  • Douban: We’ll analyze Burberry’s Douban content and campaign strategy to reveal how they speak to China’s leading community of creative thinkers and artists.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: We’ll show you how Burberry balances working with some of the biggest stars in China while still promoting their roster of global brand ambassadors to build buzz on social media.

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