Cartier: Digital Ecosystem Review

Since entering China in 1992, Cartier has embarked on a slow and steady expansion that culminated in the opening of their first standalone flagship store in Chengdu, and their 36th mainland retail outlet, in early 2015.


Cartier bridal app helps netizens to select wedding products

With 168 years of history, Cartier is well positioned to maintain a premium brand position in China with a cultural heritage intertwined with royalty and celebrity, and a tradition of craftsmanship that can be traced from iconic products to contemporary offerings.

Digital Highlights

In contrast to parallel global platforms, Cartier does not offer ecommerce through any brand or third-party channels in China. The brand focuses on connecting interested consumers to brand specialists via phone, email, and chat while also driving visits to brand boutiques. Weibo and WeChat are used to create awareness for new and classic product lines while frequent campaigns focus on brand-building through videos, custom campaign microsites and apps, as well as offline events and China celebrity ambassadors.

What You’ll Learn

The Cartier Digital Report will show you how one of the world’s most prominent luxury brands leverages social media to educate Chinese consumers on brand heritage and craftsmanship and create demand for accessible product offerings.

  • Brand Website: We’ll show you how Cartier has localized their global website experience for Chinese audiences who do not have access to brand ecommerce.
  • Brand Mobile Apps: You’ll learn how the brand has launched specialized apps to capture bridal consumers with mobile-optimized product experiences that promote O2O traffic.
  • Weibo: We’ll analyze how Cartier’s Weibo strategy supports new products and campaign initiatives through buzz-building and custom apps.
  • WeChat: You’ll see how Cartier’s WeChat service account supports broader initiatives while providing 1-to-1 service through live chat support.
  • Youku: Brand microfilms are a huge component of Cartier’s digital marketing strategy, and we’ll show you how Youku serves as a distribution hub.
  • Baidu Search: We’ll show you how Cartier is doing in terms of search interest on Baidu, and see what other terms users are looking for with the brand.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: We’ll analyze Cartier’s celebrity brand ambassadors as well as the fashion influencers that are promoting discussion online.

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