China Online Travel Marketing Trends

In 2014, China surpassed the United States as the world’s top source of international travel spending with nearly $165 billion spent overseas. While 67.5 million trips were taken from the mainland in 2014, China is still in the early stages of outbound tourism development as that number is projected to reach 97 million by 2023.


Skoda collaborates with Breadtrip to create rich travel content

With 42% of Chinese outbound tourists visiting Hong Kong and Macao last year, travelers are only now evolving beyond group tours and regional travel to seek authentic experiences and long-haul destinations that distinguish them from their peers.

Trend Highlights

Like shopping and ecommerce, the Chinese traveler’s consumer journey is deeply influenced by social media and emphasizes word-of-mouth from real travelers. In a 2014 survey, China tourists ranked online travel reviews as the most influential factor in booking trips, ahead of even friends and family. Whether seeking inspiration or planning information for a specific itinerary, China travelers place the utmost trust in the real experiences of their peers.

What You’ll Learn

The China Online Travel Trend Report will analyze the key platforms of the booking, planning, and sharing phases of the consumer journey, and show you how the most innovative brands are inspiring and educating consumers through campaigns with Ctrip, Qyer, Mafengwo, and Breadtrip.

  • Online Travel Agencies (OTAs): We’ll show you how major players like Ctrip and Tuniu have become the hubs for online travel bookings, and we’ll analyze how some of the most innovative campaigns on the platform are converting travel interest.
  • Outbound Travel Portals: You’ll learn the crucial role travel planning platforms play in outbound tourism for educating first-time travelers and see how leading brands are leveraging these independent travel communities to create high-quality content.
  • Mobile Travel Apps: We’ll take a look at how a new generation of mobile apps are making it easier for Chinese travelers to share their experiences through visually engaging trip journals that allow them to show off to their peers and inspire new waves of visitors.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: You’ll see how brands are partnering with grassroots influencers within these travel communities to create expert content that provides all the information that online researchers are looking for.
  • Multichannel Integrations: We’ll reveal how brands are integrating online travel platforms with Weibo to amplify content reach and inspire trip planning across social media.
  • O2O: You’ll learn how brands are leveraging online communities to create offline experiences where they can connect with a new generation of independent travelers.
  • User-Generated Content: We’ll show you how word of mouth is a top priority for all travel brands and how recent campaigns cultivate high-quality guides and journals to inspire other users.

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