Winning on China Digital and Social Media

In-depth case studies on how brands creating a thriving digital, social media presence in China.

Blueprints to success on social media in China.

  • Get the core knowledge you need to understand how digital and social media works in China from in-depth benchmarking reports and our on-the-ground researchers and strategists.
  • Keep up to date on the latest campaigns and breakthrough techniques used. We’ll report on new campaigns, their overall goals, specific engagement mechanis
Using WeChat for branding and business goals.

  • Discover how brands in different industries use WeChat in different ways. See how they engage via innovative uses of content, campaigns, H5 minisites, customer service and more.
  • See how brands use WeChat’s ever expanding toolbox for mobile ecommerce, direct one-to-one sales, internal communications and trainings between HQ and retail boutique
Building hot topics and viral buzz on Weibo.

  • Discover how the world’s top lifestyle brands adapt global Facebook and Instagram content to China, and how they go further to create customized China content that drives local engagement.
  • See how brands use Weibo’s strengths as a broadcasting channel. We’ll review top Weibo campaigns and innovative communication strategies and show how they appeal to local Chinese consumers.
Partnering with top China digital influencers.

  • See how brands work with China’s top key opinion leaders to increase brand awareness and buzz at digital scale.
  • Get a list of each brand’s top key opinions leaders. You’ll see both the real influencers used and the media the brand partnered with. For a deeper analysis, we’ll show you integration strategies and chart numeric results.