Coach: Digital Ecosystem Review

Coach has been riding the wave of affordable luxury in China, with products priced to meet the demand of a rising middle class consumer.

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Coach WeChat account showcases campaigns, sales promotion and content from popular influencers

But with growth in the category curtailed by government restrictions, outbound tourist shopping, and an influx of competitor brands like Michael Kors and Kate Spade – digital and social media has never been more important for the brand to connect with China’s rapidly evolving consumer.

Digital Highlights

Coach relies on its digital brand ecosystem to build awareness, keep followers current on new product availability, and ultimately drive conversion online and at retail. The brand emphasizes KOL integrations with leading China celebrities and digital fashion influencers to educate and establish credibility, while using product giveaways and retweet contests to generate brand buzz across social media. Coach’s social channels consistently integrate with the brand ecommerce platform, and WeChat has been adeptly deployed for CRM and nascent O2O initiatives.

What You’ll Learn

The Coach Digital Report will provide an in-depth look at Coach’s digital and social channels including Weibo, WeChat, Douban, Youku, and Baidu. This issue also reviews Coach’s owned ecommerce platform and covers the brand’s extensive use of digital influencers and key opinion leaders to reach relevant audiences in China.

  • Brand Website: Coach’s website is the brand’s ecommerce hub, merging brand heritage and product education while also serving as the digital gateway for customer service and loyalty.
  • Weibo: Weibo is Coach’s primary platform for brand education and product awareness, with frequent incentive engagements and KOL integrations to generate buzz.
  • WeChat: Beyond supporting campaign initiatives, Coach is positioning WeChat as a customer service platform as well as the linchpin of their O2O initiatives.
  • Douban: Like many brands, Coach tailors their message to target Douban’s more niche community of independent users.
  • Youku: Video is a big part of Coach’s digital marketing strategy as the brand balances global content with locally produced initiatives.
  • Tuding: Previously touted as one of China’s many answers to Instagram, Coach was one of the first brands to establish a presence on Tuding.
  • Bomoda: Positioned as a premium community of fashion influencers, Coach was an early brand partner with Bomoda.
  • Baidu: Coach’s Baidu Brand Zone helps the brand convert search interest from China’s leading search engine.
  • Key Opinion Leader: Either through direct posts or retweets, Coach relies heavily on China KOLs to boost credibility and extend reach across social media.

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