Forever 21: Digital Ecosystem Review

Having only officially entered China in 2012 with their first flagship store in Beijing, Forever 21 is quickly gaining ground on fast-fashion rivals H&M and Uniqlo opening ten additional locations on the mainland by 2015. But the brand has been even more aggressive with ecommerce, opening a flagship store on Tmall and launching its own online shopping platform in 2011.


Forever 21 encourages user generated content to build affinity with netizens

Leveraging a unique LA heritage and almost daily product updates, Forever 21 has expertly used social media to connect with a new generation of expressive and empowered consumers.

Digital Highlights

Similar to their brand channels in the West, Forever 21 has built a China digital ecosystem around a streamlined brand ecommerce platform. Social media channels like Weibo and WeChat create demand for frequently released products and boost conversion through promotion of frequent sales and discounts. At the same time Forever 21 communicates an independent and youthful brand story through its unique LA heritage, and eschews mainstream celebrities and KOLs to keep the focus on authentic, everyday shoppers.

What You’ll Learn

The Forever 21 Digital Report will show you how one of the world’s top fast fashion brands entered the China market with a digital-first strategy that puts ecommerce ahead of retail by inspiring consumers to shop online.

  • Brand Website: You’ll learn how Forever 21 has built a streamlined ecommerce hub that inspires visitors to shop current fashion trends and quickly explore thousands of constantly updated products.
  • Tmall: We’ll take a closer look at Forever 21’s official Tmall flagship shop, and how they’ve adapted their ecommerce blueprint for China’s largest B2C platform.
  • Forever 21 has joined the ranks of early-adopters who have opened official stores on, and we’ll see how this channel fits into their digital plans.
  • Weibo: We’ll break down Forever 21’s Weibo strategy, and show you how the brand balances daily product releases with meaningful brand building.
  • WeChat: We’ll look at how WeChat supports mobile commerce and retail while providing real-time customer service.
  • Online Video: See how Forever 21 integrates with to meet their online video needs.
  • Baidu Search: We’ll analyze user data from China’s leading search engine and provide some insight to how Forever 21 stacks up against its fast fashion competitors.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: You’ll learn how Forever goes against celebrity trends with a grassroots influencer strategy that seeds influential content across smaller fashion-savvy audiences.

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