Givenchy: Digital Ecosystem Review

Givenchy provides a seamless social media experience that uses celebrities and KOL fashion influencers to amplify its brand message.  The success of its autumn and winter fashion videos demonstrate the brand’s clear understanding of what their consumers find engaging. The brand even goes as far as creating gender-specific mobile apps to better target their key demographic, making efficient use of its online space.


Givenchy’s WeChat provides direction to offline stores and descriptions of new product lines

Givenchy uses its brand site, Weibo, WeChat, Youku, mobile apps, and KOLs to create and disseminate its digital brand image in China. We’ll show you in this report how Givenchy reaches Chinese netizens and enhances their customer journey via Chinese media channels.

What You’ll Learn

  • Brand Website: Discover how Givenchy uses its China website to promote its fashion show live streams. Find out how Givenchy encourages Chinese consumers to shop on its mobile apps as part of its digital commerce strategy.
  • Weibo: We’ll show you how the brand highlights memorable moments with world famous celebrities wearing Givenchy under the unique hashtag “Givenchy’s Classic Moments”. The brand also draws specific recognition to its Creative Director, Riccardo Tisci and explores his creative vision.
  • WeChat: Find out how Givenchy uses WeChat lures users to its offline stores by providing a directory of its boutique shops around the Greater China region. Givenchy uses its WeChat blogs to introduce its flagship stores around the world, from the Four Seasons in Macau to the store in Le Marais, Paris. It also provides a photo collage of its newest collections on its WeChat blog.
  • Mobile App: We will show you how Givenchy tailors its 2 gender-specific mobile apps–menswear app and womenswear app, to target their specific consumer group. ncrease mobile ecommerce sales.
  • Youku: Discover how Givenchy uses TVC videos to yield the highest views.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: Givenchy works with a number of influencer accounts to directly publish posts promoting the brand. Additionally, the brand uses celebrities to retweet campaign and fashion show content.

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