H&M: Digital Ecosystem Report

Even in the face of the challenges brought by the slowing growth of Chinese economy, H&M has still managed to increase their sales by 11% in the third quarter. Among the reasons behind this success lies the creative use of their media presence. Its user-friendly online platforms communicate with the consumers, not only offering information about the products, but also suggesting creative ways to mix and match, this way promoting its fashion view.

This Swedish fast-fashion brand explores China’s digital social ecosystem with engaging content, promotions and campaigns to create positive interaction with China’s consumers. This has a positive impact on the image of the brand and greatly increases engagement rates.

In this report you will be able to have access to a detailed mapping of their outstanding use of the media platforms that that best engage Chinese netizens: brand.com, Weibo, WeChat, Youku, and KOLs.

What You’ll Learn

  • Brand Website: Discover how H&M uses its China website to promote its sales items and inspire its users with creative and stylish content. Find out how H&M, through the development of a user-friendly platform, gauges its Chinese consumers to shop on its e-commerce platform.
  • Weibo: We’ll show you how H&M engages its social followers in its latest campaigns, promote sales and leads them to its brand website for purchase.
  • WeChat: Find out how H&M tantalizes its WeChat followers promoting inspirational ideas and tips to encourage the creative use of its products and also attracting consumers’ attention through sales news.
  • Youku: Discover the outcome of H&M’s ad campaign videos and event content that yielded the highest number of views.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: H&M counts on influencer accounts to promote the brand name, and increase the impact of its campaign. Additionally, the brand creates leverage from engagement with fan club accounts when collaborating with popular celebrities to the Chinese public.

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