Jacob’s Creek: Made True Campaign

Jacob’s Creek’s Made True campaign is part of a global rebranding effort that places the focus on the people, places, and passions that define the Australian brand and its wines.


Jacob’s Creek launches a minisite supported with China’s top digital key opinion leaders

As the largest red wine consumer in the world, China is a key market for Jacob’s Creek where the brand must educate a relatively young wine-drinking consumer base and differentiate itself from the heritage and traditions of French brands that are already established on the mainland.

Campaign Highlights

Made True’s launch in China builds on the global campaign themes of “Birthed By,” “Shaped By,” and “Inspired By,” to educate consumers on Jacob’s Creek’s unique identity by collaborating with local celebrities and influencers to share their own stories. The campaign emphasized WeChat in its earlier stages, leveraging KOLs including Gogoboi (4.3M followers) to drive photo-sharing through the Moments feed. To launch the campaign, Jacob’s Creek collaborated with popular actor Huang Lei to promote the campaign TVC, before creating a UGC sharing engagement with three leading lifestyle influencers to inspire netizens to share their own Made True stories on social media.

What You’ll Learn

The Jacob’s Creek Made True Social Campaign Report will reveal how one of the world’s leading wine brands worked with China influencers and KOLs to localize a global message and inspire sharing on Weibo and WeChat.

  • WeChat: You’ll learn how Jacob’s Creek teased the campaign on WeChat through a campaign minisite (weizhan) to boost sharing on Moments and increase followers. We’ll also analyze the brand’s use of WeChat KOLs to amplify reach across relevant audience groups.
  • Weibo: We’ll show you how the brand used Weibo to generate campaign buzz through KOL integrations and drive participation for Made True sharing activities.
  • Microsite: See how Jacob’s Creek created a mobile-optimized campaign microsite to host interactive KOL microfilms and provide a tool for users to create and share their own Made True stories.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: In addition to a complete KOL list, we’ll show you how Jacob’s Creek partnered with digital influencers and celebrities across fashion, entertainment, sport, and art to provide a local perspective on the Made True message.
  • Ecommerce: Learn how Jacob’s Creek drives ecommerce traffic through Tmall integration with campaign engagements.
  • Youku: We’ll explore how Jacob’s Creek leveraged campaign TVC’s and celebrity microfilms to educate Chinese consumers on Made True themes.
  • Campaign Timeline & Metrics: This report includes a complete campaign timeline covering teaser, launch and sustain phases as well as success metrics.

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