Lancôme: Women’s Day Campaign

Consistently ranked as one of the leading beauty brands in China for digital marketing and social media, Lancôme has developed a mature and specialized brand ecosystem. Brand channels are discreetly used for product education and cultivating customer word of mouth, but are integrated effectively to achieve campaign objectives.

Lancome Rose Beauty

Lancôme’s Rose Beauty social community provides a central hub for campaign activities.

Content engages by integrating trending topics while consistently exposing followers to product information, while diverse campaigns keep followers aware of new products and upcoming sales promotions.

Campaign Highlights

Like most beauty brands in China, Lancôme places an emphasis on seasonal sales promotions to build affinity with consumers and to create product bundles that promote featured product lines.


Lancôme uses popular portals and BBS to extend campaign reach.

Women’s Day in China provides an ideal opportunity to combine an inspirational message through celebrity ambassadors on social media with regional activities that drive consumers to engage with the brand and try new products.

What You’ll Learn

The will Lancôme Campaign Report break down Lancôme’s seasonal campaign in support of Women’s Day in China. Learn how the beauty brand partners with celebrities and beauty influencers on Weibo and beauty portals to create an empowering message for the holiday and drive traffic to ecommerce and retail purchasing channels.

  • Brand Community: You’ll learn how the brand marshalled their community of brand evangelists on Rose Beauty to support regional campaign events.
  • Weibo: We’ll show you how Lancôme inspired their followers to share their message for Women’s Day on Weibo.
  • WeChat: In addition to supporting the campaign, Lancôme leveraged WeChat’s store locator to boost offline participation.
  • BBS Platforms: We’ll show you how Lancôme partnered with regional and shopping-related BBS websites to create buzz and content from campaign events.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: See how Lancôme partnered with 11 inspirational celebrities to spark a conversation on China social media.

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