Land Rover: Discovery Sport Campaign Launch

Land Rover launched the Discovery Sport in China hoping to make gains in an auto-market where consumers are increasingly purchasing cars to explore new experiences. Part of the brand’s challenge was to create awareness around the new vehicle launch and highlight the unique design elements aimed at more adventurous local car enthusiasts.


In this campaign report we reveal how Land Rover seeded and built a launch campaign using key digital channels in China. We examine the different phases of the digital activation, and how it incrementally built relevance and purchase intent.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to seed product information on digital over a long-term launch campaign.
  • How to showcase product performance through digital communication.
  • How to strategically engage different celebrity talent to build your local brand story.
  • How to promote and engage consumers to participate in trial experiences through digital platforms.
  • How to create familiarity with product offers through a connection to emerging cultural trends.
  • How to create localization of a product story in China.
  • How to integrate diverse digital content into a coherent brand and purchase journey.

Download the report:

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