Longines: Digital Ecosystem Review

Longines’ China digital, social media ecosystem is designed to amplify their key messages of elegance and luxury through their many events, sports sponsorships and collaborations with brand ambassadors and key opinion leaders. The high quality of the brand’s content helps attract a better targeted audience than its nearest competitors.


Longines posts a variety of content on their WeChat to build increasing interactions with their netizen followers

You’ll discover how the brand builds an innovative influencer campaign leading up to Basel World and how the campaign is supported and amplified through China’s major social networks: Weibo, WeChat and Youku.

What You’ll Learn

  • Brand Website: Discover how Longines integrates regional celebrities into its products to achieve greater relevance with its followers. The brand website also serves as a content hub from which content is localized and distributed to Weibo and WeChat.
  • Weibo: We’ll show you how Longines categorizes its content, which category is the most engaging, along with relevant samples. You’ll also see how Longines uses Weibo to support its messaging and campaigns happening locally or across other channels.
  • WeChat: Discover the differences between Longines Weibo and WeChat content, and how Longines WeChat content is able to achieve 300%+ engagement than similar content on Weibo. We’ll also show you Longines WeChat campaign promotion posts as well as its Basel World WeChat minisite.
  • Youku: Longines uses Youku to house all its campaign videos. We’ll show you which videos and how they were later used in an innovative campaign integrating top Chinese influencers to support a global event.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: Longines works with celebrities, fashion, influencers, watch influencers and other popular KOLs in complementary industries. We’ll show you which ones and what contribution they made to Longines overall engagement.

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