Louis Vuitton: Series 2 Campaign

Louis Vuitton’s Series 2 campaign is the follow-up to last year’s award-winning collaboration with iconic fashion photographers – this second installment featuring images by Annie Liebovitz, Jeurgen Teller, and Bruce Webber.


LV builds a WeChat minisite allowing netizens to explore its Series 2 exhibition

Louis Vuitton combined the print campaign with a global exhibition, making stops in Los Angeles, Beijing, Seoul, and Rome, to capture creative director Nicolas Ghesquière inspirations for the 2015 Spring/Summer Women’s ready-to-wear collection.

Campaign Highlights

Like most global luxury brands in China, Louis Vuitton has placed an increased emphasis on mainland events that communicate brand stories using a powerful blend of China and global celebrities to create awareness and boost credibility on social media. Dubbed “Louis Vuitton Series 2: Past, Present and Future,” the immersive two-week exhibition in Beijing allowed the brand to reinforce their heritage using iconic products and educate visitors on their artisanal craftsmanship. Using WeChat and Weibo, the brand was able to extend event reach while promoting exploration of the latest women’s collection.

What You’ll Learn

The Louis Vuitton Series 2 Campaign Report will show you how one of the world’s top luxury companies leverages China celebrity reach on Weibo to extend brand storytelling on WeChat and engage consumers with their new seasonal collection.

  • Campaign Microsite: We’ll show you how Louis Vuitton recreated the exhibition experience through their brand website with rich media and event video.
  • WeChat Campaign Minisite: You’ll get an in-depth evaluation of the Series 2 campaign minisite, including new collection exploration, exhibition interactions, and sharing activities.
  • Weibo: We’ll take a look at how Louis Vuitton used Weibo to support the teaser, launch, and sustain phases of Series 2 – balancing the print campaign with the live exhibition.
  • Global Events: You’ll learn how the brand leveraged China celebrity attendees at a global launch event to seed awareness on Weibo for mainland events.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: We’ll analyze Louis Vuitton’s KOL partners for the campaign on both Weibo and WeChat including a detailed KOL roster.
  • Video: You’ll see how Louis Vuitton uses behind-the-scenes videos and event interviews to educate and engage with followers.
  • Baidu Search: We’ll look at how Louis Vuitton configured their Baidu Brand Zone to support the campaign and drive participation on mobile platforms.
  • O2O: We’ll analyze how a simple UGC sharing activity helps boost traffic to offline campaign events.

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