Michael Kors: Digital Ecosystem Review

Michael Kors designs its digital, social ecosystem to amplify its brand messages and encourage Chinese consumers to purchase its products. The brand aligns its image with the jetsetting ideals of the Chinese nouveau riche. Michael Kors capitalizes on the growing trend of wealthy Chinese who are traveling and shopping abroad by providing mobile viewing catalogs on its mobile brand site and WeChat mini-blogs.


Michael Kors features its Jet Set campaign on Douban

Michael Kors combines its brand site, Weibo, WeChat, Youku, Douban, and KOLs to create an expansive social media ecosystem. We’ll show you in this report how Michael Kors uses its media channels to entice Chinese consumers and enhance their customer experience.

What You’ll Learn

  • Brand Website: Discover how Michael Kors uses its website as a brand media hub and product viewing catalog. Find out how Michael Kors encourages Chinese consumers to visit their stores by providing them store locator maps and product catalogs on their mobile devices.
  • Weibo: We’ll show you how Michael Kors uses Weibo to amplify its brand image to Chinese consumers. Find out how Michael Kors creates mini hashtag campaigns around its Jetset theme and shows its accessories alongside well-known celebrities.
  • WeChat:  Investigate how Michael Kors uses WeChat as a mini-blog platform for its travel-focused, tech-savvy Chinese audiences. We’ll show you how the brand makes strategic use of WeChat’s multi-media functions.
  • Douban: Explore how Michael Kors uses its Douban platform as a media archive, storing and categorizing its previous campaign content and brand history.
  • Video: Discover how Michael Kors uses its Youku video platform to entice Chinese consumers with brand videos and campaign media. We’ll show you how
  • Key Opinion Leaders: Michael Kors works with a number of direct KOL influencers as well as the Weibo fan club pages of Chinese celebrities. Using influencer, retail, aggregator, media, and brand KOLS, Michael Kors amplifies its messages overs social media to its Chinese audiences. Find out which influencers had the greatest impact on user engagement and why.

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