Michael Kors: Jet Set Campaign

Along with Coach and Kate Spade, Michael Kors is enjoying unprecedented growth in China as consumers gravitate towards fresh American design elements at more affordable price points in response to widespread anti-corruption measures and overall logo fatigue. For their Jet Set campaign, the brand went beyond education of brand heritage and iconic products, like most European luxury brands, to create an integrated digital experience fueled by an inspirational lifestyle message that connected with Chinese consumers.

Campaign Highlights

Like many international fashion brands, Michael Kors built the Jet Set campaign around a flagship store opening and runway show to boost credibility and prestige in China.


Michael Kors Jet Set WeChat Mobile App


MK Works with Top Media and Key Opinion Leaders in China

The brand did an outstanding job of creating buzz for campaign events that took place over only two days, using Weibo and WeChat to educate fans on featured products and design inspiration while encouraging social sharing that leveraged China’s outbound tourism boom.

 What You’ll Learn

The Michael Kors Jet Set Campaign Report reviews how the brand launched the Jet Set campaign on digital and social channels to support a flagship store opening in Shanghai and create awareness for a major celebrity event.

  • Weibo: Weibo acted as the nexus for Michael Kors Jet Set campaign – creating buzz for celebrities, events, and brand products while also acting as a hub to direct followers to various activities on WeChat, fashion portals, and the brand website.
  • WeChat: Michael Kors went beyond syndicating Weibo campaign content to WeChat, and launched exclusive content, mobile engagements and campaign minisites (Weizhan) to create unique experiences for their fans.
  • Campaign Events: Celebrity-studded brand events are one of the most effective ways to make a splash on China social media, and Michael Kors seamlessly used Weibo, WeChat and Youku to extend and sustain awareness across digital channels.
  • Mobile App: Michael Kors Jet Set 360 mobile app raised the bar for mobile campaign experiences, and we’ll explore how they integrated this unique asset into their digital ecosystem.
  • Douban: Douban is China social media’s home for creative and independent thinkers, and we’ll show you how Michael Kors curated campaign content to resonate with followers on their official brand station.
  • Media Partnerships: We’ll explore how Michael Kors partnered with ELLE China and leading fashion KOLs to educate domestic fashionistas on collection themes and inspire them to integrate brand products into their own personal style.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: Michael Kors brought some of their most recognizable global and China brand ambassadors to China for the Jet Set fashion show in Shanghai. We’ll show you how they brand strategically integrated fashion influencers partnered with media and aggregator KOLs to boost awareness across social media.

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