Muji: Digital Ecosystem Review

As a Japanese brand in China, Muji faces the challenge of overcoming potential bias due to Japan’s wartime atrocities in China.  The key to making Muji a welcome part of local consumers’ lives was communicating the brand’s unique philosophy on design, space and living.


In this report, we analyze Muji’s digital ecosystem in China.  We argue that Muji has successfully designed their digital communication to communicate the brand and its products as an intuitive part of modern Chinese life – providing a clear context for locals to introduce Muji into their day-to-day.  Important to their success was the connection created between Muji’s flagship store experience and the digital behavior of their Chinese consumers – cementing a connection with the brand that goes beyond just store visits.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to communicate a brand story emotionally on digital
  • How showcase traditional events in the context of digital
  • How to introduce new lifestyles and behaviors through digital
  • How to effectively produce and present brand editorial content online
  • How reward and incentivize consumers beyond transaction
  • How to optimally translate in-store experience to digital
  • How to implement and inventory system for consumers to optimize shopper experience

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