Nice App: Hot New, Growing Social Channel

With access to Instagram restricted on the mainland since late 2014, Nice has emerged as one of the most compelling mobile apps for brands to engage with China’s photo-sharing consumers with over 15 million users and 1.2 million photos uploaded daily.*


Nice works with fashion brands to extend influence both online and offline

Launched in 2013, the Nice mobile app originally began as KK Shopping and was a streetwear-focused mobile commerce platform that was inspired by Swaag in the West. But founder Zhou Shou soon realized that he wanted to build a community among China sneaker collectors first, and began emphasizing photo-tagging as a way of connecting users with shared interests.

Trend Highlights

Nice combines the overall photo-sharing experience of Instagram with in-image tagging functionality that allows users to tag brands, locations, people, and sentiments. This functionality has struck a chord with China social media users as it enhances the ability to “shai” or show off by adding brand identification to photos, emphasizing individual knowledge and style. By cultivating communities around user-generated tags, Nice has created a unique paradigm for social discovery that allows users to connect around brand and product ownership – which creates a compelling tool for marketers.

What You’ll Learn

The Nice China Social Trend Report will take an in-depth look at one of the most popular photo-sharing apps in China and reveal how brands are engaging with its users to boost brand awareness and product demand through image sharing and tagging.

  • China Photo-Sharing Ecosystem: We’ll show you some of the most popular photo-sharing apps in China and how Nice stacks up against them in terms of downloads and tagging activity.
  • Nice User Journey: We’ll go in-depth on all of the features that make Nice unique and help it promote social discovery and community through photo-sharing and tagging.
  • Tag Analysis: You’ll learn which brands and categories are trending on Nice through organic tagging by China consumers.
  • Brands on Nice: We’ll explore how brands are opening official accounts on Nice and how they are creating content to engage with audiences.
  • Campaign Sharing on Nice: You’ll see how some of the most innovative brands are collaborating with Nice to promote content upload and sharing to support their initiatives on Weibo and WeChat.
  • O2O on Nice: We’ll reveal how retailers are leveraging Nice brand-tagging to boost awareness and drive traffic to offline stores.
  • Ecommerce on Nice: You’ll also learn how marketers are integrating ecommerce to create demand for limited edition products and boost conversion on Tmall.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: We’ll analyze how celebrities and KOLs from Weibo and WeChat are building audiences on Nice and optimizing their content for the app.
  • Grassroosts Influencers: We’ll show you how a new generation of influencers are emerging on Nice and attracting engaged audiences through high-quality content and rich tagging.

*Nice internal data, December 2014

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