Nike: Better For It Campaign

Nike has captured the hearts of consumers in China, leading the sportswear category in overall marketshare and seeing a 17% increase in mainland revenues for Q2 2015.


Nike uses WeChat to share campaign ambassador stories with netizens on mobile

As perhaps the world’s most important sportswear market, Nike has been committed to growing their women’s business in China – as evidenced by the opening of only the second dedicated women’s retail concept store in Shanghai in late 2014.

Campaign Highlights

Nike’s Better For It women’s campaign is part of an ongoing global initiative to empower everyday fitness through online communities, professional athlete expertise, and connected services. The China launch built upon global creative with locally produced content that integrated mainland celebrities and influencers to create fitness narratives that resonated with Chinese consumers. The brand then leveraged WeChat to drive downloads of brand apps to promote community fitness and social sharing.

What You’ll Learn

The Nike Better For It Campaign Report will show you how one of the world’s top brands localized a global campaign message through China KOL partnerships to empower social fitness and sharing on WeChat and brand mobile apps.

  • Campaign Microsite: We’ll show you how Nike drove users to WeChat to experience the Better For It campaign and created a mobile fitness challenge to increase participation.
  • Mobile Brand Apps: You’ll see how Nike integrated China social media platforms Weibo and WeChat to drive app downloads and add a social layer to personal fitness.
  • WeChat: You’ll learn how Nike supported the campaign phases through the Nike Women official account and navigation menu.
  • WeChat Campaign Minisite: We’ll analyze each of Nike’s mobile-optimized H5 minisites that supported campaign education and sharing activities through the Moments Feed.
  • Weibo: We’ll analyze how Nike created initial buzz on Weibo and sparked a discussion among netizens by celebrating the overcoming of common struggles for everyday athletes.
  • Celebrity Ambassadors: We’ll explain how Nike collaborated one of China’s biggest celebrities to create an inspirational story that connected with real athletes.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: This report includes a complete KOL list and will show you how Nike cooperated with an array of digital influencers across fashion and sport to encourage sharing and support among consumers new to fitness.
  • Video: You’ll see how Nike used video to chronicle celebrity fitness challenges and provide an authentic voice.
  • Campaign Timeline & Metrics: This report includes a complete campaign timeline covering teaser, launch and sustain phases as well as success metrics.

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