Platinum Guild International: Promise

PGI launched the “Promise” campaign on “I love you day” (5/20) in China. The campaign’s digital ecosystem spanned Weibo, WeChat, Youku, and media partner websites: iJie, OnlyLady and Elle.


PGI works with iJie, a popular portal for the wedding industry

It was successful in driving awareness and buzz for PGI’s products during “wedding season” leveraging conversations around celebrity couples Jordan Chen, Cherrie Ying, He Zi Ming and He Jie, through a series of viral videos, PC and mobile app user generated content engagements.

What You’ll Learn

  • Weibo: You’ll discover how PGI rolled out celebrity love stories across Weibo through videos, teasers and everyday vignettes, as well as the techniques used to drive buzz and sharing across the popular social network.
  • WeChat: Discover how PGI’s WeChat posts created exponentially more engagement than Weibo through deeper content and mobile engagements.
  • Youku: We’ll show you which videos worked best and how they were amplified across China’s top video social platform: Youku.
  • Media Partner: We will show you how PGI successfully engaged with their target groups by choosing the right fashion and wedding media partners to host campaigns and UGC engagements.
  • Celebrity Ambassadors: We will explain how PGI collaborated with celebrities, Jordan Chen, Cherrie Ying, He Zi Ming and He Jie, with different promotion content and inspirational stories to drive interaction among China’s netizens.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: Which key opinion leaders helped amplify the campaign the best? Which ones created the best engagement among their targeted audiences? This report includes top 12 most valuable KOLs including popular photography and fashion media accounts.

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