Ray-Ban: Never Hide Campaign

Launched in 2007, Ray-Ban’s Never Hide brand platform has been a recurring campaign that promotes the eyewear maker’s independent, creative, and authentic voice.


Ray-Ban works with China key opinion leaders to amplify its Never Hide campaign

Over the years, Never Hide campaigns have placed an emphasis on musicians and artists, and this was the focus for a China initiative that combined eight different product materials with eight campaign ambassadors to connect with rising post-90s consumers.

Campaign Highlights

Ray-Ban’s Never Hide Your Talent initiative emphasized buzz generation on China social media to drive followers to engage with eight mini-campaigns to learn about the brand’s diverse product offerings through eight material themes ranging from steel to velvet. Ray-Ban also partnered with eight celebrities and digital influencers to amplify reach as well as provide an inspirational message, augmented by Weibo and WeChat mini-games that boosted brand sharing across social media.

What You’ll Learn

The Ray-Ban Social Campaign Report will analyze how the brand was able to generate significant awareness on China social media and convert that buzz into product discovery and social sharing through an array of engagements, incentives, and lite apps.

  • Weibo: You’ll learn how Ray-Ban used Weibo as the primary social hub and buzz-creation channel for the campaign by launching multiple campaign mini-apps.
  • WeChat: We’ll show you how Ray-Ban created campaign minisites (Weizhan) that optimized Weibo lite apps for smartphone users to boost social sharing.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: This report includes a full KOL list as well as in-depth information on the eight celebrity ambassadors across fashion, music, film, and art that Ray-Ban partnered with to infuse the campaign with inspirational messaging and amplify reach across diverse fan groups.
  • O2O: You’ll see how Ray-Ban integrated with campaign experience events in partnership with a major China music festival to drive online-to-offline traffic.
  • Global Integration: We’ll cover global campaign integration and show you how the brand promoted larger campaign initiatives that boosted China participation in global engagements.
  • Campaign Timeline & Metrics: This report includes a complete campaign timeline covering teaser, launch and sustain phases as well as success metrics.

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