Sephora Digital Social Media Ecosystem Review China

Sephora uses its digital, social media ecosystem in China to educate Chinese consumers about its variety of beauty products and brands. Sephora encourages a relatively inexperienced Chinese population to try out its cosmetic products by offering educational tutorials, giveaways, and sales promotions on a number of different media channels.


Sephora provides beauty and fashion tutorials to educate netizens and encourage product purchase

Sephora’s strong emphasis on customer relations and customer education can be seen through its variety of live chat customer support systems, online and offline engagement activities, and its video make-up tutorials. In this report, you’ll discover how Sephora maximizes its major social networks in China including its brand website, ecommerce platform, Weibo, WeChat, Mobile apps, and its KOL influencers to educate and familiarize Chinese consumers with their cosmetic products, increasing the likelihood of purchase and repeat business.

What You’ll Learn

  • Brand Website: Discover how Sephora uses its brand website as a media and informational hub to maintain Chinese customer communication and education.
  • Weibo: We’ll show you how Sephora tantalizes its Chinese audiences with personal health survey quizzes, giveaway engagement campaigns, UGC repost content, and celebrity endorsement. You’ll also see how Sephora facilitates and encourages online product purchase by offering direct links from its Weibo account to its online purchase page.
  • WeChat: Discover the differences between Sephora’s Weibo and WeChat accounts, and how Sephora engages its WeChat users with free giveaway engagement activities and promotional product sales. We’ll also walk you through Sephora’s WeChat customer relations process which includes product information, membership loyalty rewards and direct purchase links.
  • Mobile App: Sephora operates an efficient and easy-to-use mobile app that allows users to buy its products on the go. We’ll walk you through their mobile app purchase process step by step and show you which methods work best for Chinese mobile shoppers.
  • Key Opinion Leaders:  Sephora works with a number of direct and retweet KOL influencers with a focus on beauty and fashion. We’ll show you which influencers had the greatest impact on user engagement and why.

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