Singapore Airlines: Tourism Australia Campaign

With an attractive blend of pristine natural scenery and first-class wine and food culture, Australia has benefited from a China outbound tourism boom that saw mainland travelers spend $5 billion in 2014 to become its most valuable source of tourist income. But China arrivals in Australia are relatively low compared to popular destinations in Europe and the U.S., ranking outside of the top 10 long haul destinations for Chinese over the next 9 years, with an estimated 1 million mainland visitors in 2023.


Singapore Airlines promotes real travel stories inspired by visits to Australia

Singapore Airlines China campaign partnership with Tourism Australia stems from a 3-year strategic alliance from 2014 to boost traffic from key inbound markets like China by educating travelers on the unique experiences of Australia.

Campaign Highlights

Like most tourism campaigns in China, Singapore Airlines and Tourism Australia combined destination education to promote travel planning, with promotional airfares to boost bookings and reservations. Australia as a destination for China outbound tourism is in a unique position as New Zealand has all but established itself as the premier destination in APAC for pristine nature and spectacular scenery through their successful Pure New Zealand initiatives. To promote travel and flight bookings from the 11 Chinese cities that Singapore Airlines connects with Australia, this campaign aimed to evolve perceptions and establish the country as not only an outdoor destination but also a world-class culinary hub with unique regional activities that would appeal to tourists across all ages and backgrounds.

What You’ll Learn

The Singapore Airlines x Tourism Australia campaign will take a look at how a leading regional airline partnered with a major travel promoter to create an integrated campaign that encouraged China outbound tourists to delve deeper and learn about the unique regional offerings of Australia through engagements on Weibo and WeChat.

  • Brand Website: We’ll show you how Singapore Airlines and Tourism Australia drove traffic to campaign activities and converted booking interest.
  • Weibo: You’ll learn how the brand posted content on Weibo to support campaign activities as well as travel education with support from KOL amplification and integration with Weibo’s events platform.
  • Custom Campaign App: We’ll go in-depth and analyze Singapore Airlines’ custom campaign Weibo app, that was used to launch mini-games and UGC sharing engagements.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: This report includes a complete list of direct post and retweet KOLs used during the campaign including travel aggregators, influencers, and media partners.
  • WeChat: We’ll take a look at how the brand created rich WeChat content to inspire travel planning while launching a mobile minisite (Weizhan) to allow smartphone users to participate seamlessly in campaign contests and activities.
  • Campaign Timeline & Metrics: This report includes a complete campaign timeline covering teaser, launch and sustain phases as well as success metrics.

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