Starbucks Tmall Ecommerce Insights

Starbucks has worked consistently to become China’s to-go cafe brand.  Now, as consumers are becoming increasingly digital, the challenge was to extend the coffee brand to engage this new reality.  While not selling coffee on e-commerce platform Tmall,  Starbucks successfully created a ‘fourth space’ for local coffee fans –  where they could enjoy, share, and participate in a new expression of the brand.

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In this digital report we identify and analyse how Starbucks created their first e-commerce presence globally in partnership with Tmall.  In addition to converting brand loyalists to their Tmall store, Starbucks also created a digital ecosystem that allowed coffee lovers to strengthen their connection to the brand, and share their passion with others.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to create a brand e-commerce presence in China
  • How to drive traffic from offline brand experience to online
  • How to successfully and consistently co-brand with a digital partner
  • How to extend a commodity-based brand into a digital and social experience
  • How to create a digital context to share brand experiences organically
  • How to structure Tmall to create a successful consumer loyalty system
  • How to leverage calendar holidays to create new consumer behaviours
  • How to present consistent brand experience across an offline-online digital ecosystem

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