Taobao: Connecting with China’s Youth

Facing the challenge of China’s super fickle millennials, Alibaba’s leading C2C online marketplace, Taobao, has made a strategic effort to connect with this demographic online.  In this report, we look to see how Taobao has structured their social media to engage the unique identity of the China’s younger millennials born after 1990s – the posts-90s.

The C2C giant bravely redefined the way they presented content to this demographic, moving the brand in a more consumer-focused, interactive and creative direction.


What you’ll learn:

  • How to engage post-90s on Chinese social platforms
  • How to use virtual imagery to enhance e-commerce
  • How to promote online video content
  • How to reposition a brand through social engagement
  • How to create multiple-phone experiences for consumers
  • How to leverage trending topics to create product engagement
  • How to integrate local internet culture into branded outcomes

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