Tiffany & Co.: Unlock the Possibilities

Tiffany has enjoyed steady growth in China with 26 stores now open since opening their first retail location in 2001. While the brand has enjoyed double-digit growth in recent years, wedding rings are still not a staple of Chinese tradition, and recent government austerity measures have seen luxury jewellery brands give way to regional competitors like Chow Tai Fook.


Tiffany WeChat minisite delivers engaging content to mobile phones

But with Tiffany spending more on marketing in China than in any other market, the brand has made it a priority to build brand awareness and knowledge among consumers.

Campaign Highlights

Tiffany launched Unlock the Possibilities to promote their Keys collection, an integrated campaign on digital and social platforms, working with renown portrait artist Yu Hong to create three celebrity portraits, and in the process, explore the inner qualities of three of China’s most successful women – Li Na, Zhang Ziyi, and Li Yuchun. Using Weibo, WeChat, and Douban, Tiffany was able to deepen engagement and inspire social media users to create and share content that amplified campaign awareness.

What You’ll Learn

The Tiffany Campaign report will take a look at how the brand collaborated with three of the biggest celebrities in China to create an inspirational message that promoted social sharing on Weibo, WeChat, and Douban.

  • Weibo: We’ll show you how Tiffany launched a customised app on Weibo that served as an interactive gateway to videos, product content, and a campaign sharing tool.
  • WeChat: You’ll learn how Tiffany optimised the campaign experience for WeChat, enabling exploration and sharing through China’s leading mobile platform.
  • Douban: See how Tiffany generated the highest fan participation from Douban’s community of independent thinkers.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: We’ll go beyond the three celebrity campaign ambassadors to show you how Tiffany worked with digital influencers to tap fashion, design, and mainstream audiences.

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