Uniqlo: Digital Ecosystem Review

Uniqlo, the global fast-fashion retailing giant, opened its first store in China in 2002 and now boasts 340 stores across 70 cities throughout the mainland. For the 2014 fiscal year, the brand generated over RMB 12 billion in sales for Greater China.


Uniqlo works with Nice to create an engaging game of mix-and-match styles

But this was not limited to retail as the brand’s ecommerce prowess helped it rank as the top Tmall flagship store by sales volume for men’s clothing in October of last year.

Digital Highlights

Uniqlo has built an integrated digital ecosystem that drives consumers to the brand’s online and mobile purchasing channels, powered by a strategic partnership with Tmall that leverages the ecommerce giant’s technology and reach through multiple brand channels. Uniqlo has built the largest Weibo following among fast-fashion retailers and relies on major China celebrities to create brand buzz, while collaborating with digital fashion influencers to educate consumers on mix-and-match style. WeChat has been integrated with the brand’s mobile-optimized commerce platform to increase sales and also provides real-time chat support to consumers.

What You’ll Learn

The Uniqlo Digital Report will show you how China’s leading fast-fashion retailer leverages social media to connect with new consumers and create demand for their products through frequent discount promotions at both online and offline channels.

  • Brand Website: Learn how Uniqlo’s brand website provides rich content for new products and special collections while Tmall’s underlying technology powers the ecommerce experience.
  • Tmall: Uniqlo is one of the top brands on Tmall in terms of sales volume, and we’ll take a look at how their flagship store differs from owned ecommerce channels.
  • Brand Mobile App: We’ll show you how Uniqlo’s brand app serves as the hub for fashion inspiration, mobile commerce, and O2O activities.
  • Weibo: You’ll learn how the brand uses Weibo to promote new products and pricing promotions, leveraging a huge fan following to build buzz through incentive engagements.
  • WeChat: We’ll take a look at Uniqlo’s brand account as well as their dedicated service account, to show you how they are connecting with consumers on China’s most popular chat app.
  • Youku: We’ll explore the role video plays in Uniqlo’s China digital strategy, what types of videos are uploaded and what netizens are watching.
  • Legacy: We’ll show you how Uniqlo is supporting official brand channels that were opened on legacy platforms including Kaixin and Renren.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: In addition to a complete KOL list, we’ll show you how Uniqlo partners with China celebrities, digital fashion influencers, and major media and technology partners to amplify brand reach.

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