Xiaomi: Digital Ecosystem Review

Since launching in the summer of 2010 with the proprietary MIUI OS as their sole product, Xiaomi has utilized a breakthrough digital marketing strategy to disrupt China’s smartphone market – unseating Apple and Samsung to become the best-selling smartphone brand on the mainland with a 30% market share in the third quarter of 2014.


The many social communities of Xiaomi

The brand has toppled rivals with industry leading price performance ratios, a robust software ecosystem, and best-in-class service to create a compelling alternative to premium overseas brands.

Digital Highlights

At the core of Xiaomi’s success is an innovative ecommerce model driven by weekly flash sales for limited-supply products that create immense buzz on China social media. The brand has created dozens of brand and product accounts on Weibo, WeChat, and Qzone – doing an unprecedented job of optimizing content for each audience while consistently converting consumer interest into ecommerce sales and brand memberships.

What You’ll Learn

The Xiaomi Digital Report will provide an unprecedented analysis of one of the most innovative and digitally savvy brands in China. We’ll show how the brand’s vast digital ecosystem has been configured around a unique online flash-sales platform while also promoting social sharing and positive word of mouth from consumers.

  • Brand Website: Xiaomi’s website is not only the brand’s ecommerce hub, but also their primary touchpoint for customer service and brand loyalty.
  • Brand BBS: No brand has been more successful in aggregating a community of brand evangelists, and we’ll show you how Xiaomi rewards and activates them for digital initiatives.
  • Sina Weibo: Sina Weibo is the social hub for buzz generation for Xiaomi, and you’ll learn how the brand blends incentive engagements, trending topics, and user-generated content to build their audiences.
  • WeChat: As one of the pioneers in creating sales exclusively for WeChat followers, you’ll learn how the brand has balanced content, commerce and customer service on the mobile platform.
  • Qzone: We’ll show you how Xiaomi has built the largest brand account on China’s leading social networking site through engaging content and sales promotions.
  • Youku: We’ll show you how video integrates into Xiaomi’s brand digital ecosystem, as well as the content that netizens are gravitating towards most.
  • Weishi: Xiaomi was one of the first brands to embrace Tencent’s answer to Vine, and you’ll learn how the brand has used short videos to create viral hits on the platform.
  • Tmall: We’ll show you how Xiaomi has integrated Tmall with their digital ecosystem, leading to the platform becoming a key sales driver during marquee events such as Single’s Day.
  • Baidu: Learn how the brand has created brand pages on platforms like Tieba and Zhidao to capture search interest.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: Xiaomi is unique in its KOL strategy, choosing to use in-house partners instead of traditional influencers to promote their flash sales and product launches.

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