Building Lifestyle Brands on China Social Media

Resonance builds social brands in China. We provide robust research, cultural and category insights, digital strategy, community management and influencer outreach for the world’s top luxury and lifestyle brands.

Turnkey Social Media Solutions for the China Market

From ideation to amplification; we design, build and grow client social media presence while delivering results for the Greater China market

Strategy & Creative


Digital, Social Media Strategy

We’ll create a strategy that spans the entire year, covering major themes, campaigns, holidays into an integrated whole designed to connect with the brand’s target Chinese consumer.

Content + Creative

We hire professional writers with magazine editor experience to write each brand’s copy. We also build engaging WeChat campaign minisites designed to be talked about and shared.

Community Management


Weibo, WeChat + More

We build robust communities on Weibo and WeChat designed to reach our clients communication and business goals. We also expand communities to other platforms such as Youku, Meipai, Nice, etc.

Social CRM

We build robust social CRM systems customized to our clients social media, business and ecommerce goals. Each system is tailored made to meet each of our client’s unique challenges.

Media & Key Influencers


Social Media Ad Buy

We budget, plan, and buy media across Weibo, WeChat and major industry portals. We constantly tweak and optimize our buys to increase ROI by systematically lowering the cost per follower.

Key Opinion Leader Partnerships

We identify the right KOLs that best fit our client brands. We work with those KOLs to amplify the brand’s voice though the creation of  engaging content.

Social Media Clients

Our clients include the best luxury and lifestyle brands in the world. This gives Resonance an unmatched competitive edge when engaging affluent, aspirational Chinese netizens across China’s ever-changing digital and social media landscape.

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Creative Production
  • Community Management
  • Influencer Management
  • Social Media Ads Management
  • Social CRM Design, Build, Integration
  • Analytics and Reporting

Our Unique Research Offering: SMART

Our research offering helps clients quickly arrive at actionable solutions through an efficient, rigorous process designed to connect both global and local strategies with the modern Chinese consumer.



To develop the best solutions, first we must understand the context of the brand’s challenge. By benchmarking competitors and reviewing industry trends, we can scientifically frame the brand’s challenge and design an optimized framework to produce the desired solutions.

Competitor Review

  • Social Media Benchmarking
  • Digital UX/UI Audit
  • KOL/Media Review

Industry Analysis

  • Industry Trends
  • Industry Innovations

Consumer Experience


Next, we understand the consumer experience from their local POV. This includes understanding shopping behaviors, brand and competitor perception, and cultural bias. We then develop the customer’s O2O journey from first awareness to repeat purchase from the brand.

Qualitative Research

  • Focus Groups
  • Ethnography
  • Co-Creation

O2O Shopper Experience

  • Shopper Diaries
  • Concept Testing

Actionable Solutions


We then develop actionable solutions designed to align stakeholders on the right solution to the brand’s China challenges. This includes cultural strategy, consumer profiling, and in-depth workshops reviewing new trends, industry innovations and breakthrough insights for client brands.

Brand Localization

  • Chinese Naming
  • Cultural Strategy
  • Consumer Profiling


  • Training
  • Trends
  • Consumer Films

Removing Barriers to Insight


Natural Communication

Chinese consumers find traditional research methods to be intrusive and awkward. This creates barriers to insight that require time, patience and skill to deconstruct.

Modern Format

By incorporating WeChat, old methods are modernized into a familiar format, allowing a naturally increased flow of information and insights.

Instant Feedback Worldwide


Instant Global Check-In

The nature of WeChat allows us to check-in with our respondents anytime, anywhere to get real time perceptions of their lifestyle and brand experience.

Flexible, Media-Rich Interviews

During interviews respondents can share  pictures, video, audio of their experiences on WeChat. This allows for much richer content, and more accurate insights, than traditional methods allow.

Insights Across Disciplines


Multiple Applications

WeChat can be integrated into multiple research disciplines including focus groups, interviews, ethnography, concept testing, co-creation and more.

Less Resources, Better Results

WeChat significantly reduces the costs of travel and facilities required in traditional research methodologies. The digital nature of WeChat also insures captured feedback is richer, more varied and more detailed.

Research Clients

We help brands and agencies understand the Chinese consumer in greater depth and build winning integrated marketing strategies for their products in China.

  • Industry Benchmarking Reports
  • Regional Consumer Research
  • China Naming Projects
  • Global and Local Workshops

Digital & Social Media Trends & Insights

Check out our blog to discover the latest trends in China digital and social media. Includes the most recent news, developments, and insights into the fast-growing Chinese internet.

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