Download Reports

Download Reports

All available reports are listed below. New reports will be added here each week.


  • [S3FILE file=’CSDR_Nestle.pdf’ anchor=’Nestle: Dolce Gusto’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSDR_Didi.pdf’ anchor=’Didi Chu Xing’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSDR_MUJI.pdf’ anchor=’Muji’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSDR_Nike_Run_Club.pdf’ anchor=’Nike Run Club’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSDR_Loreal.pdf’ anchor=’LOreal’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSDR_HM.pdf’ anchor=’H&M’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSDR_HugoBoss.pdf’ anchor=’Hugo Boss’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSDR_MK.pdf’ anchor=’Michael Kors’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSDR_Mini.pdf’ anchor=’BMW MINI’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSDR_Sephora.pdf’ anchor=’Sephora’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSDR_Longines.pdf’ anchor=’Longines’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSDR_Forever21.pdf’ anchor=’Forever 21′]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSDR_airbnb.pdf’ anchor=’Airbnb’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSDR_Uniqlo.pdf’ anchor=’Uniqlo’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSDR_LV.pdf’ anchor=’Louis Vuitton’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSDR_Shangri-La.pdf’ anchor=’Shangri-la’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSDR_Starbucks.pdf’ anchor=’Starbucks’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSDR_Lancome.pdf’ anchor=’Lancôme’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSDR_Coach.pdf’ anchor=’Coach’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSDR_Burberry.pdf’ anchor=’Burberry’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSDR_Xiaomi.pdf’ anchor=’Xiaomi’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSDR_BMW.pdf’ anchor=’BMW’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSDR_Uniqlo.pdf’ anchor=’Uniqlo’]


  • [S3FILE file=’CSCR_Landrover.pdf’ anchor=’Land Rover: “Discovery Sport Campaign Launch”‘]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSCR_North Face.pdf’ anchor=’North Face: “Outdoor Training Campaign”‘]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSCR_Pepsi.pdf’ anchor=’Pepsi: “Monkey King Campaign”‘]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSCR_Beats_StraightOutta.pdf’ anchor=’Beats By Dre: “Straight Outta”‘]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSCR_PGI(promise).pdf’ anchor=’Platinum Guild International: “Promise”‘]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSCR_Visa_travelexperience.pdf’ anchor=’Visa: Different “Experience”‘]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSCR_NikeBFI.pdf’ anchor=’Nike: “Better For It”‘]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSCR_LV_Series2.pdf’ anchor=’Louis Vuitton: “Series 2″‘]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSCR_SingaporeAirlines.pdf’ anchor=’Singapore Airlines: “Tourism Australia”‘]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSCR_Beatsbydre.pdf’ anchor=’Beats By Dre: “Solo Selfie”‘]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSCR_BMW_X1.pdf’ anchor=’BMW: “Live Free For Action”‘]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSCR_HMxALW.pdf’ anchor=’H&M: “Alexander Wang Capsule Collection”‘]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSCR_Rayban_NeverHide.pdf’ anchor=’Ray-Ban: “Never Hide”‘]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSCR_MichaelKors_Jetset.pdf’ anchor=’Michael Kors: “Jet Set”‘]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSCR_Tiffany_Keys.pdf’ anchor=’Tiffany & Co.: “Unlock The Possibilities”‘]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSCR_Adidas_adigirls.pdf’ anchor=’Adidas: “All In For My Girls”‘]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSCR_Coke_LyricBottles.pdf’ anchor=’Coca-Cola: “Lyric Bottle”‘]


  • [S3FILE file=’CSIR_Taobao.pdf’ anchor=’Taobao: Connecting Chinese Youth’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSIR_Mobile.pdf’ anchor=’Mobile Digital Best Practice Report – Oppo, Huawei, Vivo and Xiaomi’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSIR_Cosmetics.pdf’ anchor=’Cosmetics Digital Best Practice Report – Lancôme, Shu Uemura and Maybelline’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSIR_liuwen.pdf’ anchor=’Liu Wen: Digital Celebrity Storytelling’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSIR_movies.pdf’ anchor=’Marketing Movies on China Social Media’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSIR_durex.pdf’ anchor=’Durex: Social Media & Ecommerce Insights’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSIR_KFC.pdf’ anchor=’KFC: Social Media & Mobile Ecosystem Insights’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSIR_Starbucks.pdf’ anchor=’Starbucks: Tmall Ecommerce Insights’]


  • [S3FILE file=’Mini_Lufthansa.pdf’ anchor=’Lufthansa: Chinese New Year Campaign Insights’]


  • [S3FILE file=’CSTR_KOL.pdf’ anchor=’Brands & Key Opinion Leaders’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSTR_Travel.pdf’ anchor=’China Online Travel Marketing Trends’]
  • [S3FILE file=’CSTR_Nice.pdf’ anchor=’Nice App: Hot New Growing Social Network’]